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  • Donec tellus enim, fermentum et sollicitudin
  • Donec tellus enim, fermentum et sollicitudin
  • Donec tellus enim, fermentum et sollicitudin
  • Donec tellus enim, fermentum et sollicitudin
  • Donec tellus enim, fermentum et sollicitudin
  • Donec tellus enim, fermentum et sollicitudin
  • 230 disbursed credits for €100 million; 30 in progress for €10 million - March 2019
  • Avoided emissions of 102,725 TCO2e/year and primary energy savings of 354,000 MWh/year - March 2019
  • 10% incentive back after completion of the sustainable energy investment
  • Free technical assistance to assess the project
  • Modernise your industry, increase your profitability and competitiveness
  • Building retrofit with energy efficiency measures, reduced costs and better image
Eligible borrowers (beneficiaries)
  • Private sector companies (> 50% privately-owned) registered and operating in Morocco
  • Energy Service Companies (ESCOs), if both the ESCO and the energy end-user satisfy the eligibility criteria1
  • Borrowers must be financially viable, meet the credit criteria of the participating partner bank and be approved in accordance with the bank’s credit appraisal procedures.
  • Borrowers must be in compliance with the applicable national environmental, social, and health and safety legislation of Morocco.
  • The cumulative financing limit per borrower/lessee - across all project types/categories and over the lifetime of the Facility - is 50 000 000 DH.
Eligible projects
  • Energy efficiency and small-scale renewable energy investments
  • Financially viable and bankable
  • Undertaken in Morocco
  • Has not benefitted and will not benefit from another grant. Furthermore:
    • a project which benefits from a feed-in tariff may be eligible to receive either an incentive payment under MorSEFF or a feed-in tariff (but not both).
    • the borrower may still receive a grant not related to the project
    • project may still be eligible for an investment incentive if the project replaces old equipment that has been the subject of a grant.


  • No loans may be made for financing any of the activities or sectors included in the Environmental and Social Exclusions List.
  • No loans may be made to companies engaged in the production, marketing, distribution (or similar activity) of tobacco products, hard liquor, alcohol (other than breweries, wineries and other companies manufacturing low/medium alcohol beverages), gambling or arms.
  • Loans may not be used to refinance existing debt of a borrower.

1 An ESCO is a natural or legal person that delivers energy services and/or other energy efficiency improvement measures in a user's facility or premises, and accepts some degree of financial risk in doing so. The payment for the services delivered is based (either wholly or in part) on the achievement of energy efficiency improvements and on the meeting of the other agreed performance criteria.

What is MorSEFF video

Small Scale Financing

Fast-track loan or lease of up to 3 000 000 DH + vast choice of automatically qualified equipment on LEME database + 10% cash-back incentive after installation


Larger/More Complex Investment Financing

Loan up to 50 000 000 DH / Lease up to 10 000 000 DH + free technical assistance through implementation + 10% incentive post-verification

SEMED Multidonor Fund (This Fund is supported by Australia, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Taipei China and the United Kingdom)


Participating Banks